Walnut Ridge
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What is 'The REAL Ridge?'
The REAL Ridge is a new page on our website where people who are unfmailiar with Walnut Ridge, or those that have lsot touch, can see the positive influence being a member of the Scots' family can have on current students or one of our numerous alumni. If you know of a Walnut Ridge student, current or former, making a positive impact on their community please contact the school at 614-365-5400 and asked to speak with the website administrator.
Redefining Perseverance
The fist feature of The REAL Ridge focuses on Walnut Ridge Alumni Austin Traylor.
For those of us that know Austin Traylor the fact that he achieved his goal of making it to the National Football League didn't suprise us in the least. The route he took to get there though is nothing short of amazing.
Principal - Richard Stotts Jr.
(614) 365-5400  |   4841 E. Livingston Avenue Columbus, OH 43227
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